Love: An Algo-Rhythmic Study Wins Best of Fest at Calgary Fringe

Calgary Fringe Festival 2019, Vertigo Theatre
Carrie Kalmykov, Narrator

“Love:” had it’s maiden run at the Fringe Festival in Calgary Alberta this past summer. Restaged to fit into a dramatic setting, the 3 woman show moved between modern narrator (Carrie Kalmykov) and an old-school piano bar setting (Lauren Woods, vocals; Margaret Dahlberg, piano)

Lauren Woods, Vocals

The 55 minute show was awarded “Best of Fest”.

The story follows the trials of a middle aged woman who is searching for ‘the one’ and gets tripped up by the challenges that come with social media and the online dating world.

This was Dahlberg’s first theatrical work. It is comprised of 7 Chapters of Comedic Narrative, each concluded with a song.

Watch footage here:

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