About The Maggie

Margaret Dahlberg is a composer, teacher, coach and performer. She has created albums, podcasts, musicals and has over 30 years experience as a music educator, piano teacher and early childhood educator.

A native of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Margaret excelled as a pianist and attended the Cleveland Institute of Music where she received a bachelor’s degree in piano performance. She became a member of the esteemed Mount Royal Conservatory Faculty and performed and coached from the piano until a car accident permanently injured her wrist, making it impossible for her to do so.

Since that time, Margaret built an early-childhood music program with a staff of 5 teachers and began composing. Throughout her life Margaret has been passionate about human interaction and furthered her research by training as a life-coach and mediator.

Margaret’s company, Guided Harmonies, Inc. releases music and podcasts that promote a sense of well-being. Her most recent release, “Guided Harmonies: the Covid series” is a double album of 14 instrumental pieces that lead the listener on an emotional journey, arriving at a lighter place. The podcast, Guided Harmonies Podcast, combines original music and words to lead the listener into introspection and wellness.

Margaret wrote a show in 2018 that won Best of Fest at the Calgary Fringe 2019. “Love: an Algo-rhythmic study”. She reworked this into a solo act to perform outdoors during Covid: “So this is #love?”

Her latest project “Miss Tweetie’s Music in Nature” combines music in nature to teach music, stimulate brain development and promote a love of the great outdoors.

Past releases include “I Like Making Music” with Miss Tweetie & Maestro Jamie (2015), a children’s album; Music Therapy I, II & III (2017), three therapeutic music albums; A Special Olympics Anthem, commissioned for the Canadian Special Olympics team. Minkee’s Opera Music (2018): an album to teach young children to love opera. On these albums, Margaret has played the role of producer, lyricist, recording engineer, pianist, singer & composer.

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