About Margaret

Margaret Dahlberg is dedicated to inspiring joy and connection through music for people of all ages. Born and raised in Calgary, Margaret has composed multiple albums and has close to 40 years of experience as a piano teacher and early childhood educator.

Listen HERE to Margaret’s recent interview with Conan O’Brien.

A native of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Margaret excelled as a pianist and attended the Cleveland Institute of Music where she received a Bachelor’s degree in piano performance. She became a member of the esteemed Mount Royal Conservatory Faculty and performed and coached from the piano until a car accident permanently injured her wrist (1998), moving her into creative musical pursuits.

In 2005, Margaret created and built Music Kids at Chinook School of Music, an early-childhood music program that has grown to a city-wide team of teachers. She began composing more seriously around 2013. Throughout her life Margaret has been passionate about human interaction and furthered her research by training in communications.

In 2018, Margaret wrote a show that won Best of Fest at the Calgary Fringe 2019. “Love: an Algo-rhythmic study”. She reworked this into a solo show “So this is #love?”. Its 2022 run at the Calgary Fringe Festival was received with rave reviews. 

Margaret’s releases instrumental music and podcasts that promote a sense of well-being. Her song, “Introspective Inquiries”, is listed on the Soundtrack for Ricky Gervais Netflix sensation “After Life”, Season 3, Episode 6.

More recently, Margaret has been contracted by the City of Calgary as a resident composer: Watch here.

Her multiple albums include her show soundtrack, instrumental music, and children’s music. Her song “Hand in Hand” (2014) and album “I Like Making Music” (2015) were on the Grammy Award’s longlist. You can find Margaret’s music on all of the music streaming sites. 

Margaret’s music education project “Music in Nature” combines her passions, using music with nature to teach music, stimulate brain development and promote a love of the great outdoors. This is a year round program that uses landscape & topography instead of musical instruments.

Margaret also has a podcast that combines everything she is interested in: teaching, composing, communication & exploring ideas with other people. “Miss Tweetie’s Parents” focuses on parenting, mostly, which is one of her favourite subjects! Click here to listen. She invites anyone who is interested to come on and talk about their adventures and struggles in their lives.

When she’s not working on her projects, you’ll find Margaret outdoors – hopefully hiking or xc-skiing in the mountains.

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