“Margaret has contributed insights and tangible advice that have brought me both a deeper understanding of myself and clarity around what I want, what I need, what I should do, and why. At times, her words of wisdom have become a sort of mantra that I draw upon, which helps to propel me into a better place. There is something about her innate blend of intuition, creativity, and logic that allows her to see life situations in ways that are sensible and astute, but that also fit with, and honour, who we are and that give consideration to the others in our life.”  (Leanne: Working woman and mother seeking personal inner balance)

Margaret Dahlberg is a Family Coach who has been working with children and families for 30 years. After completing training requirements as a life coach with CTI Co-Active Training (2013), Margaret has been a coach. She works pro-actively with individuals and families, helping navigate life struggles. She supports individuals and families navigating divorce, learning delay obstacles, personal parental growth, early-childhood behavioral issues and relationship communication challenges. She offers private family coaching sessions with adults and children, depending on their needs.

Specializing in:

  • Children’s behavioural issues
  • Couple connectivity
  • Individual Parent challenges
  • Divorce
  • School Issues
  • Confidence and well-being

Family Coaching:

Family coaches work with clients to establish their needs whether they are as a family or an individual depending on thes issue. A single family has many moving parts. For example, a behavioural challenge with a child may require sessions with the parents and child together, then just the parents and finally each parent separately. Family coaches can counsel couples, singles or children.

Margaret may also recommend incorporating music into her coaching sessions. Some clients find adding music creates the supplementary support needed to find clarity with their unique issues. Margaret may compose original music for clients to use personally on an ongoing basis as coping tool, thereby cutting down on the need for frequent coaching sessions. When this is the case, Margaret will create a unique piece of music based on the client’s specific needs.