Margaret Dahlberg is an award winning composer/songwriter/lyricist. She creates many genres of music to suit the needs of the client. She has been commissioned to compose children’s music, adult contemporary, Anthemic music, therapeutic music and Meditation Music. She premiered her first theatrical work in 2018, a musical comedy titled “Love: An Algo-Rhythmic Study”. Her play was awarded “Best of Fest” at the Fringe Festival in Calgary, Alberta in 2019.

Therapeutic Music:

This unique offering, created by Margaret Dahlberg, is an innovative therapeutic method in which the client receives a unique recording of music that represents them and their needs, struggles, challenges and goals. For more information, visit her “Music As Therapy” page:

Volume I: or

Volume II: or

Volume III: or

Adult Contemporary Music:

Margaret has written an award winning musical comedy with 7 songs. For more information, click here:

Here are 3 samples: Voices * Comfort * It’s Time

Find the complete album on Soundcloud:

Children’s Music

A culmination of 10 years of composing music for her early-childhood music program, Music Kids at Chinook School of Music, Margaret’s playful alter ego & early childhood music teacher “Miss Tweetie” created an album of favourites:

Special Olympics Anthem:

Margaret has composed an anthem for the Canadian Special Olympics team, to be sung by Special Olympians. World Premier coming Spring 2020.